Ravinder Dahiya

Printed Nanostructures Based Sensors
Semiconducting nanostructures such as nanowires (NWs) and Nanoribbons (NRs) have attracted significant attention in recent years for various type of sensing as they offer attractive physical, chemical and optical properties. They have been developed using conventional micro/nanofabrication methods as well as using printing technologies. The latter is particularly attractive because of resource efficiency of printing methods and that they could open interesting avenues for next generation manufacturing of sustainable electronics. As a result, the nanostructure based electronic layers have been printed on different types of substrates to develop sensors, energy devices, and electronic devices and circuits in flexible form factors. This tutorial will present such recent advances related to printed nanostructures-based sensors. The tutorials will cover topics such as – semiconducting nanowire growth mechanisms, methods for printed electronics layers, fabrication of various sensors (photodetectors, touch, temperature, bio/chemical etc.) based on printed nanostructures, and application of these sensors in robotics, prosthetics and wearable systems.

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