2022 Awards

Best Industry Practice Paper

Boosting Stability of Photonic multi-Gas Sensors

Radislav Potyrailo, Brian Scherer, Joleyn Brewer, Renner Ruffalo

Best Paper Award

Sensor Tendons for Soft Robot Shape Estimation

William Johnson III, Anjali Agrawala, Xiaonan Huang, Joran Booth, Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio

A Catheter-Free Bladder Pressure-Volume Sensor

Steve Majerus, Brett Hanzlicek, Yaneev Hacohen, Dario Cabal, Dennis Bourbeau, Margot Damaser

Fast Vapor Detection by a Micropillar Array-Integrated Colorimetric Sensor

Timothy Palinski, Bin Guan, Bronwyn Bradshaw-Hajek, Michael Lienhard, Craig Priest, Félix Miranda

Best Student Paper Award

Millirobot Magnetic Manipulation for Ocular Drug Delivery with Sub Millimeter Precision

Céline Vergne, José Inácio, Thomas Quirin, David Sargent, Joris Pascal

Atomized Liquid Metal droplet-Enabled Enhancement of Sensing Range and Stability for Ultrasensitive crack-Based Sensor

Jinwon Jeong, Arkadeep Mitra, Jeong Bong Lee

Measurement of Magnetic Particle Concentrations in Wildfire Ash via Compact NMR

Jacob Martin, Austin Downey, Mohammed Baalousha, Sang Hee Won

Best Live Demo Award

An AI-assisted e-tongue for fast and portable fingerprinting of liquids

Michal Muszynski, Gianmarco Gabrieli, Lukas Zimmerli, Yuksel Temiz, Ralph Heller, Aaron Cox, Keiji Matsumoto, Kitahiro Kaneda, Patrick W. Ruch

Best YP Poster


Accelerated estimation of chemical and sensory liquid attributes using HyperTaste, an AI-assisted electronic tongue

Gianmarco Gabrieli


MEA-integrated cantilever platform for comparison of real-time change in electrophysiology and contractility of cardiomyocytes to drugs

Pooja Kanade

Big Idea Pitch

Best Transformative Business Pitch

Gokulanand Iyer

Best Spotlight Pitch

Satweka Nammi & Gouri Nair

Best Impact Pitch

Jacob Powell

Best Innovation Pitch

Md Abdullah Al Rumon

Best Woman-owned Business Pitch

Khengdauliu Chawang

Best Female Step Ahead Pitch

Nazia Rahman

Appreciation Awards

Gianmarco Gabrieli

Can Huang

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