Radislav A. Potyrailo

Emerging multivariable gas sensors: moving on beyond the midlife crisis of gas sensor arrays

Contemporary demanding gas-monitoring needs are bringing existing gas sensor designs to their fundamental performance limits in their accuracy and stability in real-world deployments. This tutorial will focus on bridging the gap between existing and required gas detection capabilities as provided by available single-output sensors, sensor arrays, and traditional analytical instruments. We will stimulate scientific and engineering senses of attendees by (1) posing “quiz” questions on design rules of traditional analytical instruments, (2) posing questions on possibilities for new principles of gas sensing and (3) by demonstrating on how these questions are addressed in building multivariable sensors that provide new performance capabilities. We will show how individual multivariable gas sensors are designed based on multi-dimensional response principles to overcome insufficient multi-gas selectivity and stability of existing single-output sensors and sensor arrays. Such performance is attractive in scenarios when traditional analytical instruments cannot be used because of their size, power, and periodic maintenance requirements. By the end of the tutorial, attendees will have a good understanding of design rules for building stable multi-gas sensors, will see practical examples of operation of multivariable gas sensors, and will relate to how these sensors may be utilized in their envisioned applications.

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