Track Chair

Tarikul Islam

J.M.I (Central University), India

Since my joining the Electrical Engineering Department, Jamia Millia Islamia, a Central University (NIRF Rank 10) in 1998, I have devoted myself for excellence in teaching, research, scholarship and service. With the help of my scholarly innovative and high-quality research, I establish myself nationally and intentionally. I am one of the most efficient and diligent mid carrier researcher in the field of sensors and Instrumentation as can be seen from my publication record. I have a strong track records in the field of capacitive sensors, conductive sensors, surface acoustics wave sensors for different transduction applications including moisture in ppm, relative humidity in %RH, pressure measurement, temperature measurement, liquid level, hydration monitoring on concrete structure, automatic dispensing of microdroplet, metal particles in lubricating oil, dissolved gas analysis, moisture in transformer oil, and SF6 gas, moisture measurement in grains, toxic gas, organic vapours etc. I also have track records on developing efficient interfacing circuits for perfect and imperfect
capacitive sensors. Because of my contribution in the field of sensors and Instrumentation, I become Associate Editor (AE) of IEEE Sensors Journal and IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement. My contribution for the IEEE sensors Journal is very much acknowledged as I received best performing AE award from the IEEE Sensors Council in 2017 and 2018. The excellence of my research has been demonstrated by my development of innovative different types capacitive sensors for industrial applications, received of several research grants, authorship of more than 170 high quality publication including seven scholarly book chapters, three edited books, one guest editor of special issue of a journal, filing four patents, eighty high rank journal papers, invitation to seminar lectures by reputed Universities and Intuitions and establishment of National and International Research Collaborations. Most of my journal papers are published in top quality Journals like IEEE, IET, Elsevier (Q1), AIP, Springers, Taylor and Francis, American Scientific Publishers. Research in all articles is carried out under my meticulous supervision.

At Jamia Millia Islamia, I have demonstrated my excellence in teaching, new course development, student supervision, leadership in teaching, and research in teaching and learning. I have taken initiative to train students and teaching staff in the emerging fields with the help of Sponsored GIAN course, a Government of India initiative to establish International academic networking with foreign researcher of international repute. One course is organized in the department titled “Smart Sensors and Internet of Things” with foreign speaker from Macquarie University, Australia and the other one titled “Cyber Secure Control and Sensing Technology for Smart Grids”, with Foreign Speaker from the Engineering, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. will be organized in November 2020. I have participated several training and faculty development programs which help me greatly to improve teaching and research skill.

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