How to Install Wi-Fi Signal Boosters

No matter if you’re trying streaming a movie from the basement or follow a guide on how to install laminate flooring, it’s important that your WiFi signal travel from one room to the next. To get rid of WiFi dead zones, and also to increase the speed of your internet connection, you’ll require an WiFi signal booster or extender.

A WiFi signal booster (also known as a wireless range extender) draws in an existing weak Wi-Fi network signal and amplifies it before broadcasting it out to more areas. The process extends the WiFi coverage area and lets users connect to the internet without their data packages or my website getting disconnected.

The most well-known kind of WiFi booster is a powerline Wi-Fi extender which works by utilizing the electrical wiring of your home to rebroadcast the WiFi signal and improve your internet speeds. It can be installed quickly and easily by connecting it to an electrical outlet near to your router or in the area that you require an additional boost in WiFi.

There are a myriad of WiFi signal boosters that differ in style as well as range and power of amplification. Some are designed to be wall or desktop plugs and others come with bigger external antennas and are able to enhance WiFi in several rooms. Some devices can also function as a Wi-Fi extender or repeater. Select the one which best meets your needs. It is recommended to place the device in a space that is not cluttered by walls or appliances.

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